There are countless weaknesses in the realm of man.

We are weak beings, no argument.

However, while some of our weaknesses make us vulnerable to all sort of things, there’s a particular weakness that makes the crowd vulnerable to entrepreneurs.

With this weakness, smart entrepreneurs are making millions (sometimes billions)

That weakness is this; We love to buy.

Human beings love to buy stuffs.

We don’t have to need things to buy them. As long as it appeals to our heart (emotion), we go for it.

How many people do you think NEED a Range Rover or an iPhone?

You want to make calls, browse internet, take pictures and you think you need an iPhone?

No. You don’t need such expensive phones, but you want them.

Human beings (mostly) don’t buy what they need. We buy what we want.

It’s a weakness!

Buying is what we love to do.

It doesn’t have to make sense. We just have to do it.

Look around you and see how materialistic we all are.

Look at how we all run after the latest phones, latest clothes, latest cars, etc.

Not really because we need these stuffs, but because we want to satisfy our desire to buy.

What is the difference between a Tecno Smartphone and a Apple’s iPhone?

Some differences, but definitely not as far as the difference in their prices.

Why then are we willing to buy an iPhone of the same price as a motorcycle or more?

It’s an emotional thing.

But how can you as an entrepreneur take advantage of that?

Simple; Learn how to sell.

Most people are poor simply because they don’t know how to sell.

You can never be poor, if you know how to sell.

The reason is simple; human beings love to buy.

If you know how to sell, you will always have enough money because people love to buy.

Though you may be broke for a time, no seller can be poor.

And just before you think I’m talking about selling your products/services alone, I mean also your ideas, your philosophy, your movement, etc

I have met people who called me on phone or sent me a message on whatsapp complaining that they have business ideas but they cannot get capital to finance the ideas.

I know their problem.

I have seen people who started movements but have no followers.

I know their problem.

There are people who started businesses and failed and there are people who contested for elections and lost.

Their problem is still the same; they don’t know how to sell.

People want to buy your products/services, ideas, philosophy and even people would love to offer you capital to start your business but you must know how to sell or pitch them.

People want to invest their money with you; but you must know how to (negotiate) sell your ideas to them.

People are eager to follow you; but you must know how to sell your ideology and philosophy.

Selling skills is the most important of all human skills.

Take some time out to read some good books about negotiation, selling and marketing.

If you take time to learn how to sell, you will create your desired life by selling your ideas to investors, employees and partners, by selling your products/services for the customers and by selling your philosophy to the world.

I recommend you read ‘You Can Negotiate Anything’ by Herb Cohen.

It’s a great book that will make you a better seller (of yourself, your ideas, your products/services and your philosophy).

Human beings love to buy.

It’s an emotional weakness.

Why don’t you learn how to sell?

By Justine Nyachieo
Business Man & Mentor

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