Man Crawls Back To Ex- Wife After Vanishing From Her Life For 8 Years

Mary Obonye was abandoned by her husband eight years ago while she was pregnant with her first child. She recalls her painful encounter after she was left for a mama mboga who was her best friend at the time.

“My husband left me for a mama mboga in a house I could not afford with no job. I had to return back to my parent’s place ashamed and depressed,” said Obonye.

The young mother then decided to raise her child with the help of her parents who supported them from time to time. She also got a job as a secretary in one of the companies to help support his son. Mary was happy for some time.
However when her son turned eight years of age he started asking about the whereabouts of his father.
“When my son first asked me where his father was, I knew deep down in my heart that I had to find a way for the two to reunite”, said Mary Obonye.

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KAZIMOTO DOCTORS an expert at what he does performed a miracle spell to compel Mary Obonye’s dead beat baby daddy to return to her life.

Two weeks later, Mary’s dead beat baby daddy crawled back into her life and begged her for a second chance.
“I forgave him and decided to get back together with him”, said Mary.
The two were reunited by the charm and are currently living together.

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