Man Screams as Snake Appears on Car He Stole and Attacks Him; His Pastors Are Unable to Help Him

A man from Nyeri county in Kenya thought he had hit a lottery after stealing a man’s car which he found parked outside a bar in town. Kelvin, a perennial thief who had frustrated the residents by stealing anything he came across wanted to impress his wife on Christmas by showing her that he had a new car.

This is why he decided to steal a car belonging to a man called Andrew Mutetiin the middle of the night as he was making merry inside a bar. Kelvin managed to use master keys to open the door of the car and also drive it away.

At around 1am, Andrew was ready to go home and when he went to the parking lot, he found his car was missing. He almost got a heart attack.

“Oh my! My car is missing,” he said as security guards ran towards him to check why he was screaming.
“I saw someone driving away your car. I thought it was you. I am so sorry let me call the police,” one of the security guards told him.

The police came but they did not seem interested as they wanted to be given a bribe first before they could look for the car thief.

Andrew was forced to take a taxi home and when he arrived. He broke down telling his wife that the car they had saved money for three years had been stolen.

“I cannot believe this. But police officers would never help us. I think we should contact a famous traditional doctor called Kazimoto who has helped many of my friends recover their stolen goods,” the woman told him.
Andrew who was desperate to recover his car contacted Daktari Kazimoto on +254741930918. The doctor was ready to help them after he heard of their plight. He immediately cast a spell that would make the thief of the car suffer the consequences of their actions.

The spell took effect super-fast as the following morning, as Kelvin was driving the vehicle, snakes appeared from nowhere and jumped on the steering wheel. The car could not move.
Kelvin was so scared that he called his pastor to come pray for the snakes to go away but they did not. This is when he decided to return the car to Andrew and he begged for forgiveness. Kelvin also gave him KSh 100,000 as a show of remorse.

Doctor Kazimoto has received recognition for dealing with issues of theft, love, broken marriage, spirits, businesses and also healing of diseases. You can contact him on +254741930918 and all your problems will be solved.

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