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Maxglobal Group Signs Mou With Finland Students Who Were to Be Deported

Maxglobal Group has intervened in the rescue of 110 students who were stranded in Finland.
The students who were studying at different universities faced deportation after a trust fund run by the Uasin Gishu County government delayed accommodation and school fees payments.

Parents of the said students signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with overseas universities through Max-Global Group Limited to allow their students to continue with their studies.

The agreement allowed parents to open an account with a standard bank where funds will be transmitted to the institutions in Finland.

The County Government of Uasin Gishu recently suspended all new applications to overseas education programs in Finland to address the irregularities surrounding the programs.

Max-Global Group Limited general manager Philip Koskei said the parents of the 110 students taking health courses, requested the company to negotiate on their behalf on the terms of the agreement with the Tampere University of Health Sciences and Takk Vocational Training Centre after there had been fee payment hitches through the County Government.

MaxGlobal distanced itself from the operations of the Uasin Gishu Oversee Trust Fund and will continue to offer services and programs in collaboration with its partners both locally and internationally.

“The partnership with the Finnish institutions is a significant benefit to the Kenyan youths as they have benefited from practical industrial training. Through Business Tampere, companies in Finland that support education are widely regarded as high-quality organizations, thus keeping the student’s morale high and exposed to potential future employers. The students are awarded 30 hours per week working thus enabling them to get extra cash for those who are ready to work,” he said.

He says they expect 2 cohorts to graduate this year and all those who will graduate to be absorbed into formal employment in Finland thus improving their families’ livelihoods.

“For instance, Students combine the knowledge and skills they learn in the classroom with practical life skills they learn through partnerships with industry. Students do get opportunities to further their studies while working thus getting the best from the world-class best education system. The risk Management and Circular Economy Masters degree program, for instance, will afford the students to play a critical role in future programs and projects for positive Climate Change responses. The education system gives the students practical, hands-on knowledge challenges and rewards through impact research, innovations, and start-ups with a view of starting up and owning their businesses within Finland or at home when they return back home from their tour of study,” Koskei said.

Mary Too representing the parents of the 25 students says “It has been a very long journey and a very challenging one. It is since September last year that we had issues with the payment of money to the university of Tampere through Uasin Gishu County. It became worse on February 28th, 2023 when the university of Tampere canceled the agreement between it and Uasin Gishu because they failed to fulfil the terms of the agreement,”

She said parents were left stranded not knowing what to do since the university had ended their contract.

In collaboration with Finnish partners from the Vocational Training centers, Sports Institutions, and Applied Sciences universities, Max-Global Group facilitated two hundred and eighty-seven students from various counties in Kenya to study and work in Finland.

Ms. Max Global Group Limited is a fully registered Company dealing with energy, agriculture, and socio-economic development programs and projects in Africa. The Company was established in 2012 and is a leading Institution focused on revolutionizing energy, agriculture, and socio-economic sectors through education programs and collaborations with various institutions of higher learning in both Kenya and Finland.

By Faith Chebichii and Caren Masika

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