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Meet Journalist Who Sings Mugithi To make Ends Meet

Tony Richu-Karomo, an Eldoret-based journalist is now using his talent in music to make ends meet after being laid off in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Better known as “Tony wa Karomo” in the Mugithi music industry, the former Mt. Kenya Region-based station news reporter uses his one-man guitar skills to entertain revellers in functions, clubs and other events.
“When covid pandemic struck, we were forced to look for other survival alternatives. My music hobby came in handy” says the former news reporter.

He says compared to mainstream journalism, music has surpassed his expectations to generate income.
“Music is putting food on my table. Fans across the country have received my original music and live performances well” he says.

With good content and passion, the former news reporter alludes that that’s all it takes to get you started in Mugithi industry.

“My biggest challenge was to be re-accepted newly as a musician, from being known as a journalist. But with good content and passion, people noticed” he says.

Tony now performs live one-man guitar music concerts in Eldoret, Lodwar, Nakuru, Nairobi, charging between 25,000 & 50,000 depending on size and type of event.
He says love for art trapped him in music as he yearns to make a difference in the Kikuyu Mugithi industry.
The former scribe says he wants to be among the best Kikuyu Mugithi artists who sing for the love of art, to educate and entertain.

As a trained media personnel at heart, Tony Richu-Karomo says he has not abandoned his professional self. Through his small media production company Creative Media Group, he has revolutionized business advertising by making TV-standard commercials and airing them to people on social networks.

“My ultimate media dream is to help Small and Medium sized businesses get seen by potential clients while cutting the huge costs of mainstream media advertising. Many SM&E businesses have shyed off from advertising – now our company makes that happen” Explains Tony.

“Our cost per advert has grown from 2,000/- to currently 10,000/- as more companies have found it effective to advertise online. We optionally place the adverts our social platforms framework that has a potential reach of 500,000 people”

He says that he is open for engagements concerning “feel-good” and educative music experiences and business advertising across the country and is reachable on 0729799666, business hours.
Facebook:Tony Adverts Karomo.

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Twitter @tonykaromo
Youtube: Tony wa Karomo

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