Meet Juliana From Kiambu Who Never Bothers To Lock Her Car Despite The Place She Parks It

Juliana from KIAMBU is a woman who has Left many people around her hood baffled by her decisions where she doesn’t bother locking her car even when she is parking in in supermarkets, malls and night clubs parking lot. She drives a brand new Land cruiser TX which she bought months ago and whenever she parks it not even one day has she ever attempted locking it despite too much theft in our area. She runs a massage and Spa business and in her young age of 26, people tend to question her brave mindset and how she does her things. Many have been warning her telling her that she would once wake up to only find many of his car parts missing but she bravely responds by saying “Mali yanguHuwaiguswi!”.

Recently, Juliana flew to Zanzibar for her three-week’ vacation and she didn’t lock her car both did she lock her house with a padlock and interestingly her gate was also not locked by a padlock. Moturi a new resident kept asking questions saying “why is this young lady fearless and never locks her doors? Is she that careless to leave her things safe and in order?” nobody in our village answered since everybody kept wondering why she always did that.

When Juliana came back from Zanzibar, I had many inquiries to inquire and I approached her bravely and asked her the secret behind her nature of absurd fearless nature. In her car was two of her expensive phone and laptop and also lots of cash but was Left open for three weeks. She answered me bravely “my friend nobody can steal or dare touch my things, if they try they’ll return them in just minutes” she also disclosed how her business things used to get lost but she find a way to protect her business and home environment. According to her this culture began after someone linked them to a reputable powerful native doctor from Kitengela town called Dr. KAZIMOTO who had powerful Protection Spells that protected and busted thieves instantly upon their attempt to rob from people. I asked her for Dr. KAZIMOTO’S phone number and she pulled her phone and gave me this number+254741930918 which I also called and got my things protected.

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