Upon meeting Mike Nyongesa for the first time, it was evident that he had experienced extreme financial hardships two years ago. Surprising many, the soft-spoken father of two disclosed that he had managed to earn over Kes 12 Million within a span of 10 months through Betting. Initially running a struggling liquor store in Kakamega town, his business faced further setbacks due to the onset of the Covid pandemic, leading to accumulating debts that became increasingly challenging to repay. In search of alternative income streams, he turned to Betting, but unfortunately incurred significant losses, which deeply affected his emotional well-being. However, everything changed for him early last year when a friend introduced him to an incredible prediction platform called SokaFans. As he recounts his journey to success, we sit down with him to learn more. 

“I’m Mike Nyongesa, a 33-year-old father of two kids. I used to operate a wine and spirits store in Kakamega, but unfortunately, the business wasn’t thriving, prompting me to seek alternative sources of income. The situation worsened when the Covid pandemic hit, leading to the closure of numerous businesses due to curfews and restrictions. As a result, I found myself in debt and decided to try my luck with Betting to supplement my income. Regrettably, things didn’t go as planned, and I ended up losing a significant amount of money within a short period, which left me feeling deeply depressed. However, my fortunes changed early last year when a friend introduced me to an incredible prediction platform called SokaFans. Since then, my life has taken a remarkable turn for the better,” he narrates.

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