Peter Gitukia emerged as the latest champion of the Mozzart Super Jackpot, securing a flawless 16/16 correct game predictions and thereby earning himself a substantial sum. Today, he visited the Mozzart offices to claim his well-deserved prize. Remarkably, Peter becomes the second individual to win Ksh 20,000,000 this month. 

Having already received the funds, Peter is now focusing on making prudent investments. Among his plans is the construction of a house for both his parents and himself, as well as the purchase of a car. Additionally, he intends to kickstart a new business venture with the remaining funds.

Asked about his secret to success in Betting and this is what he had to say.

“For the past three years, my Betting endeavors failed to yield any significant returns. However, my fortunes took a turn for the better in the middle of last year when I discovered a prediction platform called SokaFans. Initially, I was skeptical about using it, but after testing it for a week and successfully winning all the matches, I became convinced that I had stumbled upon a genuine prediction platform.

SokaFans offers a wide array of tipsters who provide reliable predictions at an affordable price, usually just Kes 50. These tipsters undergo a vetting process and are ranked based on their performance, making it convenient for gamblers like myself to identify the most profitable ones and purchase accurate predictions from them. Some tipsters boast a perfect rating of 100%, indicating that they have never lost a prediction.,” he narrates.

“Since I started utilizing SokaFans, my winning streak has been consistent, almost on a daily basis. Thanks to this platform, I even managed to accurately predict the jackpot and walk away with a staggering Kes 20 million. With my newfound fortune, I have exciting plans to establish a business and construct a comfortable home for my parents in our village.

To fellow gamblers, if you haven’t yet tapped into the potential of SokaFans, you’re missing out on significant opportunities. This platform is authentic and trustworthy, and I wholeheartedly encourage anyone seeking additional income through betting to give it a chance,” he adds.

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