Meet University Graduate ,27 year old who won Kes 2 Million in Jackpot bonus after only Betting with Kes 100. He reveal his secret to success.

You will find most of fresh university graduate struggling on how they will get a job and sustain themselves but that is not the case with 27 years old Paul Matheka who won Kes 2 Million in Mega-Jackpot bonus.

He further reveals that this is not the first time he has won just a huge amount because 6 months ago he also won Kes 1.7 Million after placing a multi-bet of 6 matches with only kes 500. His success in betting did not come easy since he had lost a lot of money when he got started 3 years ago.

Things started to change for the better after he was introduced by a friend to this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans and his life has never been the same again. We meet with him has he narrates to us about his success journey.

“My name is Paul Matheka and am 27 years old. Despite being a graduate of economics, i was unable to secure any meaningful employment hence i started doing several hustles at least to sustain myself. Being a football fan, i started Betting 3 years ago but ended up losing most of my money. I was really depressed and life became really hard for me. Then 10 months ago i was introduced by a friend to this amazing prediction platform called SokaFans and my life has never been the same again. At first i was skeptical about using it but i decided to try it for a week and was surprised after winning bets the entire week and was sure i had landed on a genuine prediction site. Initially i had lost a lot of money trying to buy sure bets from unreliable sources which ended up losing. The good thing about SokaFans is the transparency that is involved since a gambler is able to see a tipster’s betting history before deciding whether to buy tips from them or not,” he narrates.

SokaFans is a prediction platform that connects thousands of gamblers to profitable tipsters. Tipsters on the platform are vetted and ranked according to their perform hence it becomes easy for a gambler to identify most profitable one and buy sure prediction from.

Nowadays thousands of gamblers who use SokaFans are making profits daily and the good is that the predictions are very affordable with some going for Kes 50 bob only. As a gambler you are required to identify most profitable one while as a tipster you will you are required to post well analyzed prediction to ensure gambler buying from you also make some profit.

“I have been using SokaFans for 10 months now and it has never disappointed me even a single time. I have been winning almost everyday and my life has really changed for the better. I have bought two cars and currently building my dream house thanks to betting. Betting if is done the right way it can be very profitable but if you depend on guesswork and poorly analyzed prediction then be guaranteed you will lose your money. If you are a gambler and not using SokaFans, then you are missing out bigtime,” he adds.

If you wish to make some extra income in Betting, Visit SokaFans and Get Started. You will thank us later.

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