Meibeki Residents Challenged to Support the Facility For Improved Service Delivery

Chief Officers for Promotive and Preventive Health Dr. Joyce Sang and Clinical Services Dr Paul Wangwe on Monday conducted a meeting with the residents of Meibeki facility in Karuna Meibeki Ward, Moiben Sub-County.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss ways of improving service delivery and encourage the local community to support the facility for the benefit of all residents.

Addressing the community,Dr. Joyce Sang and Dr Paul Wangwe emphasized the importance of providing high-quality healthcare services to the community by calling on the staff to dedicate their commitment and dedication towards ensuring the well-being of the residents.

The duo stressed the importance of providing timely and efficient healthcare services to patients, as well as ensuring a safe and comfortable environment within the facility.

“We call upon the local community to support Meibeki facility because it relies on the their support to continue offering quality healthcare services,”says the duo.

They further encouraged residents to utilize the services provided by the health facility and to actively participate in health campaigns and programs organized by the facility therefore fostering a sense of unity among the staff and reaffirming their commitment to the community’s well-being

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