“Men Are Dogs!!” Sarah From Kerugoya Lamments After Being Dumped On The Eve Of Their 9nth Anniversary

I’m Sarah Mokeira a mother of three and I’m 48 years of age. Nine years ago after the death of my late husband who together we had two kids. At that time I was 39 years and I must admit that falling in love again at 39 to a 26 year old teen was a miracle and abit frightening. But again falling in love phenomenal and terrifying. I met this guy whom I’m married to nine years ago at a club in Kerugoya town. I took him as my sugar baby since he was young and all I demanded from him his energy in the bedroom but as time went on I started demanding loyalty from him and that when I came to my senses and realized I was not only a sugar mummy to him but had developed feelings of love towards him.

Kevin was 26 years at the moment and I was 39 but day in day out I fell more and more deep in love with him. I started welcoming him to my home and he developed a good relationship with my two kids as he filled the father image by attending their school meetings with me and also driving them to and from school. This made me love him even more and he loved to the extent of proposing to me little did I know that he had a mission to extract cash from me and dump me afterwards. We tied the knots and for the past nine years I have been giving him monthly allowances and pay for our rent, school fees and even the petty bills since he had no employment. I even got him a job through my connection at a certain office as a messenger where he earned a favorable salary.

Three years later I gave birth to my third child and the first with him a baby girl called Tamara. Love was sweet as we took care of each other, little inconsequential things: me placing a water glass on his bedside table and him refilling my coffee as I wrote in the morning. We touched each other like often, and shouted: I’m here, I’m here. I never doubted the years we had spent holding hands, having sex almost every day and kissing all over the house would come to an end. Last week he dumped me and ended things with me giving the excuse that I was older than him since he is 34 and I’m 48 at the moment. He picked his car keys and drive away with a car I had bought him as his birthday gift. I didn’t eat for days and couldn’t have a sound sleep until I was introduced to Dr. KAZIMOTO who casted his Powerful Spells that made Kevin crawl back to my house apologizing for leaving. After taking him back I had to tie him to myself to ease my future insecurities using Dr. KAZIMOTO’S Powerful Protection Spells. Thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO my marriage was rekindled and I now live in peace.

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