Meru Woman Cries in Pain as Husband She Educated Dumped Her and Stole Her Land


A woman in Meru shocked Kenyans on social media after she wrote a lengthy post on how her husband of two years turned out to be a con artist who stole everything she owned and left her with nothing. Wairimu said she and her husband Joseph got married in 2019 and shortly after, he lost his job.

This meant she had to provide everything in the family. She would use her meagre salary of KSh 40,000 to make sure that he was comfortable. He would always ask for money from her and because love is blind, she would gladly provide money for him.

“I thought that he loved me genuinely and would never dump me. So I thought let me support him until her gets a job,” she narrated.

Things got worse after Wairimu’s husband started convincing her that she should take a loan so that they can buy land. She thought the man had good intentions and so they took the loan and she opted to have his name on the title deed because he was the man of the house.

“This is when things changed! This man started abusing me saying he was tired of being with me! He then moved out of our house with all my items including the title deed and he left,” a heartbroken Wairimu said.

The man would later confess to Wairimu that he did not love her and was just using her financially. This angered her so much and she did not know what to do.

Many people commented on her post asking that she sends goons to kill him because what he had done was unforgivable. However, one comment stood out to her as it asked her to call Doctor Kazimoto on +254741930918 as he would deal with the man on her behalf.

Wairimu quickly called the famous traditional herbalist and explained to him her situation. Doctor Kazimoto cast the revenge spell to deal with Wairimu’s husband.
In less than 24 hours, Wairimu’s husband started getting leprosy on his body including manhood and he started hearing voices ordering him to return Wairimu’s properties.
Fearing that he would die, he called Wairimu begging for forgiveness.

“I want to thank all those who recommended Doctor Kazimoto to me. He truly helped me and the man has now returned all my items including my Title Deed. Thank you Doctor Kazimoto,” she said on a follow-up Facebook post.

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