Millie Speaks after Azimio Bipartisan Committee Suspended Talks

Mbita member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo has spoken after Azimio Bipartisan Committee suspended talks.

Through her official Facebook page she wrote “Members of Azimio Bipartisan Committee on Tuesday. We suspended talks yesterday for 7 days due to lack of show of good will from our KK counterparts,”

Odhiambo is a staunch supporter of the Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Odhiambo campaigned for him during the August polls.

She is a big critique of President William Ruto’s administration.

Her post received mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Okambo Kokambo says “This is was a trap well laid for Azimio I just don’t understand how the entire team couldn’t see this. KK has a game plan and you are falling in it,”

Henry Black says”Your words are final. We don’t have any final after you people have spoken!,”

Olyve says “Very innocent person but weeeh! Cross the lane at your own risk 🤣🤣@millie mabone,”

Battalion says “You’re probably negotiating for higher allowances. No member of Parliament in Kenya works on smaller perks,”

Mack Mwiti wrote “Baba should call for demonstrations. Let him call demonstrations to counter the obnoxious taxes in the finance bill. That will attract Kenyans from all corners. Including the simpletons supporting Kenya kwanza blindly,”

Lesh Gabriel’s wrote “I hope hizo 7 days are also counting in 60 days agreed to complete these talks!,”

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