Millionaire Moves- Benjamin Zulu

It is better to live in a small house in the city where action is than to have a huge mansion in a small town where no money is. If you’re starting your journey to wealth creation, gravitate to the big economy cities. Then, when your empire is established, spread outwards to the countryside where there’s more space and you can enjoy nature and serenity.

In other words, follow this zigzag of a self-made millionaire: leave home hungry and land into the city unassuming. Focus on personal transformation through rapid learning, not lifestyle and show off. Invest your first income on information and mentorship, not big houses and luxury items.

Squeeze into the centre stage of your industry by selling premium products or service, and by offering unbeatable customer relations.

You do this by identifying your niche and scaling to the top quickly. You can only excel doing something you enjoy, not one you endure.

Garner your millions by playing fair and edging away from competition through sheer grit.

Now, you need space to expand and breathe. Retreat to the outskirts and establish other stations in forms of holiday homes, countryside homes, or getaway gardens. Retreat here every so often to incubate great ideas and refresh your imagination.

If you want to meet millionaires, make a point of visiting posh restaurants, high-end salons and barbershops, and premium gyms. Wealthy people frequent these places because they want quality service and more privacy. You can visit only occasionally and purchase the cheapest services. The idea is not only to meet people there but to learn the culture and detox your mind of scarcity.

Join networking forums like Business Network International and Toastmasters. There you will meet hungry people. But also you don’t have to join the one nearest where you live. You can join the one from uptown and get to sit next to successful people.

When you fly, be open to greeting people in airports and your seat mates on the plane. You can easily meet quality people in those environments. Also, fly first class on occasions just to up your game and experience VIP treatment even before your life fully gets there. Bew levels require stretching and restlessness.

Lastly, even when you have free time, do not consume garbage on social media. Too much sexual or pornographic content will hijack your mind. You need to relax, but don’t let it become a distraction. Combine your leisure with documentaries about great success and tales of conquest. Keep yourself inspired.

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