Millions Await for Trans Nzoia Ward Projects as county Nears Climate Change Funding Success

The Trans Nzoia County government is in the final stages of meeting the requirements for donor funding aimed at climate change mitigation.

If successful, each ward will be financed to initiate projects related to climate change resilience and mitigation worth millions from the World Bank.

To fulfill the requirements, the Department of Environment has started a two-day training session for the remaining cohort of nine ward committees on climate change.

This training is necessary to qualify for approximately sh.200 Million from the World Bank.

Last week, Anne Tek from Financing Locally –Led Climate action program advised the environment department that constituting ward Committees and training them is among the requirements that will see the county qualify for the money from the World Bank for environment mitigation programs.

The department for environment had trained the committees from fourteen wards remaining nine whose training commenced on Thursday.

The wards are Sinyereri,Sitatunga,Motosiet, Makutano,Suwerwa,Kiptoror,Hospital,Kwanza and Kaplamai.

The training is led by Environment Director Godfrey Wekesa, his administration counterpart Sarah Kogo, Cherangany sub county administrator Irene Nang’ole, respective ward administrators and Environment officer Yona Okusi who is handling technical issues in the training.

After the training, the department will forward a full report of all requirements to the cabinet for approval before presenting to the county assembly for another nod.

The World Bank will then assess the requirements before releasing funds for the projects.

“The ward committees, with the input of ward administrators, will involve the public and write proposals based on areas of need regarding climate change adaptation, resilience, and mitigation “said Wekesa during the training at ACK grounds in Sibanga.

Other requirements include having a CEC for Environment in place, available of climate change unit and a progress report on previous fund usage among others.

The county is optimistic about receiving the donor funding as it has met most of the requirements.

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