MLIFE Foundation Empower African Youths for a Brighter Future

Last Friday, an extraordinary event took place in the heart of Uasin Gichu County that caught the attention of residents and listeners of Sayare Radio.
During ShadrackKimeli’s“Freedom Friday,” MLIFE Foundation’s inspirational leaders, Mwangi “Martin” Ndegwa and Kayte Mukami, shared about MLIFE’s groundbreaking initiative to connect youths of Africa with those of the United States through shared leadership development and cultural exchange.

“There’s always an assumption that Africa’s youth have nothing to offer on the international stage, but that’s far from the truth, “ says Mwangi M Ndegwa before the show started. “We are changing that by sharing information and instilling a sense of self-worth that each of us has the potential to make a difference in the world,” Kayte added.

For the past three years, Mwangi Ndegwa and Kayte Mukami have led MLIFE Foundation’s operations in Kenya as leaders of the East Africa region.
MLIFE also operates in Ghana and the United States. In Kenya, Mwangi serves as the Program Director and Chair of MLIFE’s Executive Board under the global leadership of MwangiMukami, the founder and CEO.

During the interview, Mwangi and Kayte shared about the impactful programs MLIFE offers for Kenyan youths. One program that received particular attention was the MLOVE program. Styled as Leaders of Openness, Virtue, and Empathy, MLOVE targets high-potential, high-impacting youths for a 1-year long transformative journey learning about communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and fundraising.
“What we are addressing is the disparity in how these issues are funded, and we must change that to bring about equity and prosperity for African youths,” said Mwangi.
For the 2023/2024 fellowship year, Mwangi reported that over 60 percent of the Fellows are women demonstrating MLIFE’s commitment to addressing gender parity.

Kayte emphasized the program’s uniqueness by highlighting that it attracts academia and practitioners from prestigious institutions in Kenya and abroad and reported that each Fellow could choose their paths in three areas; advancing their education, starting a business, or finding employment.

Another important MLIFE initiative discussed was the San Francisco-based Healing Circle Program. Currently underway in the United States, the program brings 15 young Americans of African descent to Kenya for a fully funded 10-day immersion program to meet with their peers and connect with their ancestral heritage. The goal is to facilitate an exchange of African culture, empower black and brown communities, and encourage sharing of information and experiences between youth from different continents.

During their visit to Eldoret, Sayare Radio coordinated meetings with local CBOs to witness firsthand their impact on the community. The CBOs visited included the Havan Recovery Center, founded by Mrs. Navy Rono, and the Tumaini Innovation Center under Ms. Sally Kimani. They commended them for their dedication to the youths of UasinGishu County while pledging to forge partnerships in the future.

Mwangi and Kayte reminded the youths that even in challenging times, individuals could rise above and make a lasting impact on society.
The show host lauded MLIFE Foundation’s efforts as an inspiration, encouraging others to join the movement and contribute to improving their communities.

The interview elicited strong reactions from youths in UasinGishu County. Could this mark the beginning of the MLIFE Foundation’s significant regional presence? Only time will tell, but one thing is sure– Mwangi M Ndegwa and KayteMukami, alongside MLIFE Foundation, are actively working to bring about positive change and create a brighter future for Kenyan youths and the African continent.

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