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‘MNIOMBEE’ Kenyans React After Raymond Moi Posted this on His Facebook Page

Kenyans have reacted after Rongai Member of parliament Raymond Moi posted this on his Facebook page.

He wrote “MNIOMBEE. I’m going through hell,”

Raymond Moi is the son of the former and deceased president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi who died after serving as president for twenty-four years.

Raymond is facing a tough challenge from Paul Chebor of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) the party linked to the deputy president William Ruto who is currently the president-elect.

His brother Gideon Moi was recently defeated as Baringo senator.

The election was postponed by IEBC indefinitely over ballot errors.

Raymond has been crying foul that the deputy president William Samoei Ruto wants to finish him politically and it’s only time that will tell if he will be reelected or not.

His post received mixed reactions here are some of their comments.

Festus Mwanzia says “We’re working on dynasties my friend,”

Kiolangat says “It’s your perfect moment to go through that. Gods time is the best,”

Robert Kinyua says “You made Kenya your family property. On Monday you’re saying goodbye to Rongai,”

Abdon Langat says “Relax and let it go. it isn’t a matter of life and won’t survive yellow fever better accept and move on,”

Dennis Simiyu says “Haujui unachosema, some of us have gone through he’ll all our entire life, wewe kupigwa kisiasa ndio unaita hell?”

Ben Ko says “You’ve been one of the most performing mp in Kenya.Watu wakakupenda lakini asmio ikakupenda zaidi,”

Kipngok says “Ooohh nimekupata Sasa So you politicians when you’re in power uko Zion now like you sensing defeat now talking about Hell.Enyewe hii kitu Ni tamuu,”

Adoyo says “Campaign please.. wewe endelea tuu kulia hapo bure … You cannot be an MP anymore wananchi walichoka na dynasties,”

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