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MOE should Ensure 100 percent Transition- Bishop Kmengich

Eldoret Catholic Diocese bishop Dominic Kimengich has urged the ministry of education to ensure there is one hundred percent transition.

He said the government should put measures in to ensure that all children who have been left stranded at home due to lack of school fees access education.

“I want to call upon the ministry of education to ensure that every child who sat for KCPE transit to form one whether he or she has paid fees or not. The government should provide bursaries to secure a bright future,” said bishop Kimengich.

He urged the government to fasten the process of providing bursaries and CDF funds so that children access education as soon as possible.

Kimengich said those children risk missing out on achieving their goals since they lose a lot by staying at home, and it is hard for them to catch up with their colleagues.

“The harsh economic times witnessed in the country have forced them to stay at home even after securing places in various secondary schools, hence the government should fast-track the process of distributing bursaries for their dreams to become realities,” said Kimengich.

He also appealed to the public to make efforts to ensure no bright and needy student is left out in the villages by organizing “harambees’ to cater to their education.

“I urge members of the public to hold harambees to help raise school fees for our children,” said Kimengich.

The bishop called on the ministry of education led by cabinet secretary Ezekiel Machogu to intervene in the looming crisis of shortage of teachers in the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) which could affect the transition and quality of learning.

“I want to ask the ministry of education to hire enough teachers for junior secondary schools to ease learning the current number is a drop in ocean as compared to the number of students who have reported,” Bishop Kimengich said.

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