Moi University Bans ‘Crocs,’ ‘Tumbo Cuts’ and Mini Skirts


In a passel of new guidelines on dressing, Moi University has prohibited the wearing of crocs, mini skirts and all forms of plastic shoes within the institution.

According to a memo from the Dean of Students dated February 6, students are expected to follow the rules and regulations that govern conduct and discipline at the university.

According to the memo, the raft of new rules was prompted by incidents of indecent dressing among students.
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Those who do not follow the new rules face disciplinary action and will not be served anywhere within the University.

Clothing items that have been banned include micro mini skirts, skin-tight trousers, ragged or ripped jeans, cropped blouses or shirts, low-cut tops, micro shorts, transparent dresses, and clothing that reveals bra straps.

Clothing with obscene writing, sagging trousers, and chest-revealing fashion are also prohibited.

The University also prohibited flip flops, Crocs, and all plastic footwear, stating in the memo that such shoes are not considered formal wear and should not be worn on University grounds.

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