Moi’s Bridge MCA Condemns Shakahola Killings

Bishop Patrick Kimeli of Redemption House Mission Ministry church Moi’s Bridge has come out to strongly condemn the events that have recently unfolded in Malindi, Kilifi County.

The horrific incident now known as the Shakahola massacre has so far seen 90 bodies being exhumed from an 800-acre piece of land owned by Paul Makenzie with investigations still ongoing and the numbers are set to rise as close to 212 persons are reported missing.

Condemning these acts, the Bishop who doubles Up as Moisbridege Ward MCA noted that Christians do not conform to any acts of radicalization.

“There is an issue that has happened in Kilifi and it is very heartbreaking. People are languishing because of their faith and we see the numbers of casualties continue to rise as they fasted to death. We strongly condemn this issue of radicalization. We of the Christian faith do not subscribe to any of those teachings. We as Christians do not teach radicalization and therefore we condemn what has been going on in Malindi.” Said Bishop Patrick Kimeli Kimaiyo, MCA Moi’s Bridge.

Urging the government to act fast on the perpetrators whose intentions are to radicalize children and individuals without causing fear or panic by demonizing one’s religion or faith, while also calling on those of the Christian faith to be on the lookout for those taking advantage of individuals lie and confusing the general public.

Moi’sbridge Ward MCA Bishop Patrick Kimeli

“The government should act and not provide room for the radicalization of our children and grown-up individuals. Radicalization of faith does not matter where you are from, your level of education, or who you are but if undergo certain struggles and challenges, they would be easily duped into believing this because they think they can get the answers to their problems, one sees if they die then that becomes the end of their suffering. I call on us preachers to be aware of these teachings that confuse and lie. Take people to Bible Schools where they will be taught what the scriptures say about the end times. If we train these people, it will be easy for us. The government should also look into this issue like they did with terrorism which frustrated many Kenyans and they did so without demonizing one’s faith. Let us not demonize all Christians as if this is happening in all churches countrywide, now churches look as if they are the promoters of this cult.” Noted Bishop Kimeli.

The Bishop cum MCA has rallied churches to take responsibility and state what is required of the Christian faith and this should not be of limit to one’s rights and freedoms as enshrined in the constitution. He urged pastors and preachers to be interrogated and their beliefs known before them spreading the word of God as some might be having radicalization intentions.

“Our churches must all also take responsibilities and come out clean, state their stands, clear guidelines, known teachings for our people to not reach a level where their basic rights are being abused. The church must support people in getting an education; it is a basic right, dignity of life, and access to proper health care. Let the doctors treat you as you pray for your healing and not stop people from getting their basic rights. I pray even as investigations are ongoing in Malindi, something like this should not be repeated. Even with proper certifications, the government should further look at the beliefs of these individuals.” Eemarked Patrick Kimeli.

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