Moi’sbridge Ward MCA Applauds President Ruto’s Tree Planting Initiative

Moi’s bridge Ward MCA Patrick Kimeli has applauded President William Ruto’s move of initiating tree planting in the Country.

He says this will go a long way in conserving and protecting the environment, which has lots of benefits over our existence on Earth.

“We all need a clean environment, good air, rainfall, and keep most diseases away. I call upon everyone to take personal responsibility to conserve our environment. Do not allow anyone to destroy it. Let’s continue planting trees, especially the traditional ones that preserve water,” said the Moisbridge Ward MCA.

Bishop Kimeli called on the government to make use of the committees of environment recently selected in every ward.

“ The Committee of Environment in every ward can source for trees locally and plan or arrange a day for all villages to plant trees, then the committees in every ward can keep an inventory of how many trees planted, how much it cost, and management of the same trees till they grow up,” he said.

“We cannot be just calling people to pick seedlings without the environment committees in every ward. Who will look for them? And why did we select them in the first place? Am very very much concerned on the same,” he added.

He noted that the Management of the Environment should start from the leadership and funding of the program to the wards committees managing the same.

“My call to the National Government, and us the County government to ensure the real chain of command on issues of environment is followed to the later, and then at the end of every Financial year, we are told how many trees planted so far, how they are fairing on, how much used and the impact of the planted trees to the society,” the Moisbridge MCA noted.

Kimeli further said that the National Government on Environment should work with County CEC on the same who should
work with ward reps and environment committees in every ward for smooth management of the whole program.

“I once again thank the government for this great noble venture to save our environment for us and our future generations,” he said.

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