Moment Of Joy as Woman Wins SportPesa Jackpot Bonus After Pastor Ezekiel’s Prayers. This is how she did it.

During a captivating moment at Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s Newlife Church, one of the congregation members shared an awe-inspiring testimony that left everyone astonished and filled with wonder. 

Pastor Odero himself displayed visible amazement as the church member recounted an extraordinary story of a completely unexpected stroke of luck – a remarkable KSh 126,000 jackpot bonus win.

The incident transpired in a video recorded inside the church, where the woman came forward to narrate her incredible story.

Even though she acknowledged having only a basic grasp of the complexities of Betting, she disclosed her substantial victory and credited it to the combined strength of prayer within the church community.

“My success in Betting started when i came across a prediction platform called SokaFans. I typically tune in to football matches, even though I don’t have a deep understanding of the sport. However, through the power of your prayers and SokaFans predictions, I managed to secure a KSh 126,000 win from a Bet i placed with only Kes 99 bob. I don’t even recognize any of the players; I simply placed the Bet and received a message congratulating me on my KSh 126,000 victory,” she shared with the congregation.

Participating in a challenging jackpot contest that demanded precise predictions for numerous games, she astoundingly managed to predict the results of 14 matches, including the showdown between Tottenham and Chelsea.

“I can only attribute my success in Betting to prayers and a prediction platform called SokaFans that offers well analyzed predictions. I intend to use the money to boast my business. I don’t have any plans of quitting Betting anytime soon,” she shares.

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