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Mother Rains Curses On Her Daughter In Law For Cheating On His Handicapped Son

The villagers of Karachuonyo were left with their mouth agape after witnessing a terrifying incident that left them asking questions for days. A woman known as Rosa had decided to take matters on her own hands to severely punish her daughter in law for cheating on his handicapped son for years.

“My son had a serious accident that destroyed the muscles on his legs. He was injured prettybadly and so this left him handicapped for life. The accident made him incapable of providing for his family and so this made his wife change her behaviors towards him. She started having affairs as well as mistreating him”, said Rosa.

The bitter mother had initially planned to stay out of the two couple’s affairs but when his dear son called him complaining that his wife had started bringing men into their house, she decided to reprimand her.

“I went to see a herbalist known as KAZIMOTO DOCTORS to and asked him to help me reprimand my son’s wife. The Doctor had previously helped me solve a few financial problem my business was experiencing and so I knew that he would be the best person to handle my son’s wife”, explained Rosa.

Rosa asked the herbalist to rain curses on her daughter in law that would only last a few days to stop her from having any more affairs in future, she also asked the herbalist to help keep her daughter in law in line by ensuring that she respects her son as the man of the house. The herbalist heard the woman’s cry and did as she was requested.

The next time Rosa’s daughter in law tried to sleep with another man she learnt the hard way.

“KAZIMOTO DOCTOR’S work did magic I tell you. Rosa’s daughter in law was severely punished. She was suddenly attacked by a deadly disease that left sore spots all over her body that made her unpleasant to look at. The men that had been previously wooing her stopped speaking to her”, said one of the villagers.

After the dreadful ordeal, Rosa’s daughter in law vowed to never disrespect her husband ever again.

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