Mpesa Thieves Arrested

Hi am Sammy Mwaura from Nairobi. I used to operate an Mpesa shop before it was stolen by armed men. I used to open the shop at 7am and close it at 10pm. It was located at Huruma Estate. It was one evening at around 10. 30pm when two men appeared, they asked if it was possible to withdraw fifteen thousands, and I said it was ok. I had delayed to close the shop since the day had been busy.

After assuring them it was possible to withdraw the cash, I saw a pistol pointed at me, and they ordered me to open the door to the shop. They took all the cash and I was left with nothing. It was terrible, I could not believe it. As they left, they hit me so hard on the head that I laid on the floor for an hour.

I reported the matter to the police but with all their efforts they could not trace the thieves. The thieves had disappeared very fast. Nearly two months passed without hearing anything from the police. It pained me, because they had stolen one hundred and fifty thousand from me.

A friend of mine, Muriuki, advised me to seek the help of DR MUGWENU who would not hesitate to help. I contacted DR MUGWENU immediately and he assured the thieves would face the wrath of their deeds. The following morning I was called to the police station, only to find the two thieves arrested. They had surrendered to the police for their acts of evil. I sincerely thank DR MUGWENU for his help.

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Mugwenu doctors exercises Doctor- patient confidentiality; neither patient’s file records,identity nor secrets will be shared to a third party or made public unless otherwise patient/S on their own volition wishes to give a testimony!!

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