MSE Sensitization in Embu County


The MSEA Embu office recently conduct
ed a visit to the Farmers Field School (FFS) CBO in Riandu, where the group engages in diverse agricultural activities, including poultry farming, horticulture, and value addition to their farm produce.

The group has actively participated in various agricultural training programs facilitated by esteemed institutes and organizations such as Embu University and the Anglican Development Service.

Notable among these trainings is the Smart Climate Agriculture program, which introduced the members to organic farming techniques and tree nursery management. As a result, they have acquired skills in producing composite manure and foliar fertilizers.

Additionally, the group has honed its abilities in value-added processing, transforming products like lemongrass into powder, crafting hibiscus juice, and drying vegetables to extend their shelf life.

Despite their successes, the group faces challenges in product development, particularly in the areas of packaging, branding, and obtaining @KEBS_ke certifications.

To address these challenges, the MSEA Embu team sensitized the group on the functions of MSEA and the potential benefits available to them. The presentation highlighted opportunities such as market linkages, product development training, KEBS certification recommendations, and the possibility of forming partnerships with other organizations. The collaborative effort aims to empower the FFS CBO in overcoming their current challenges, fostering sustainable growth, and establishing a stronger presence in the market.

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