MTRH Seeks Divine Inspiration Through Annual Prayer Day


The recent MTRH Annual Prayer Day, held under the theme “Seeking God’s Favour,” wasn’t just about soliciting blessings for the hospital and the community. It was a deeper exploration of faith, guidance, and strength, bringing together leaders from various denominations under the leadership of Ag. CEO Dr. Philip Kirwa.

An Interfaith Tapestry:

The presence of Rev. Dr. John Ayieko, Overseer of Sirikwa Pentecostal Fellowship Church Eldoret, and Rt. Rev. Dr. Christopher Rutto, Bishop of ACK Diocese of Eldoret, symbolized the event’s commitment to inclusivity and interfaith harmony. This tapestry of beliefs enriched the atmosphere and resonated with the diverse staff and patients at MTRH.

Beyond Blessings, Seeking Direction:

The theme, “Seeking God’s Favour,” hinted at a desire that transcended mere blessings. It spoke of a yearning for divine guidance in navigating the complexities of healthcare, both for the patients and the medical professionals. The day likely served as a platform for seeking wisdom, solace, and renewed purpose in the face of challenges.

The MTRH Annual Prayer Day, with its focus on “Seeking God’s Favour,” was more than just a religious gathering. It was a powerful testament to the human need for faith, guidance, and connection, with the potential to leave a lasting impact on the hospital, the community, and the individuals it serves.

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