Murugusi Residents Plant Sugarcane Despite CEC Lands Threats

Residents of Murugusi, Ngelilel Ward, Turbo Constituency have decided to plant Sugar Cane on a public Utility land that was meant for the Construction of an Agricultural College.

They said this was done through public participation.

“We decided through public participation where we have the minutes that instead of the land being idle through public participation we decided to plant sugarcane to benefit the community as we await the start of the project,” said Dancan Kiprono.

They however condemned the CEC Lands Anthory Sitienei for being against the project.

“It is sad that the CEC lands are against the project and instead the proceeds should be used by the rescue centers, as residents we shall not allow such nonsense the farm should benefit residents,” said Kipkorir.
“We have minutes of the public participation and we will continue with the cane project until when we will put up the TTC here,” said Noah a resident of Murgusi.

“How did he come up with the idea of the Rescue center before engaging us for public participation,” he added.

Ngenyilel Ward MCA Benjamin Natui said the sugarcane planting on the public utility will continue since public participation was done.

“As the MCA after public participation we have decided that residents plant Sugarcane which will be used to help widows, and the vulnerable before the actual project is put by the County government. No one whatsoever will deter us from doing it because we followed the right process,” said Netui.

He wondered why the CEC lands who comes from the same ward is trying to sabotage the sugarcane project.

“Why does he want the proceed of the land in question to go to the rescue center yet there was no public participation is there something they are not telling us? and who is behind it?
“Despite the CEC performing poorly in the interview I stood by him and was confirmed as CEC and now he is fighting me and if he will not change we will impeach him,” he added.

However, CEC lands Anthony Sitienei CEC lands rubbished the claims saying the land was bought by the County government for preparing seedlings for Avocado, Cassava, and macadamia because the weather suits it.
“No one can claim individually to utilize or own what belongs to the public. The claims being put across is not true because essentially as a county we are not aware of the utility of that land under normal circumstance any public land for it to be utilized should go through a certain department. There was no public participation on the same,” he said.

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