Murugusi Residents Up in Arms after a Public Land Was Tilled by Private Developer

Residents of Murugusi, Ngelilel Ward, and Turbo Constituency after a public developer tilled a public utility land.

They say the farm which was bought by Governor Jackson Mandago was meant for the Construction of an Agricultural College which has not been the case.

“This farm next to Murugusi Primary and Secondary was bought by the former governor Jackson Mandago for the construction of Agricultural College but it’s sad there is an unknown person who has been tilling the land. As residents we want to know the person who has been tilling the land and under whose permission,” said Adrian Koskei while speaking to the press.

“We have information that the unknown person comes all the way from Ziwa , We have a primary and secondary school here that could be benefiting from the same and not an individual,” he added.
“We want to say the person who will plant we will eat together, it’s sad that person comes from Ziwa and till the land, we have a primary and high school which are supposed to benefit us. We won’t allow it we will follow until we get justice.

“We want to urge governor Jonathan Bii to intervene,if there is a project that was supposed to be constructed on the farm should be done with immediate effect so that it may help us. We will not allow the person to continue tilling the land and residents are suffering,” said Brian Kipruto.

They said the unknown person has been tilling the land for three years in a row and after harvesting hundreds of bags does not leave even a single bag to the nearby school which is in need of food.

Jael Jelimo says “We want to know what happened to the farm we want Jonathan Bii to intervene with immediate effect and we will fight for it to the latter.,”

Paul Sambai wondered how the County Government could have bought the farm and given it to a person for agricultural purposes.

“This time round he will till the land, harrow, plant crops but harvesting we will do it for him since the land is a public utility meant to benefit residents,” he said.

Pius Terer Village elder Kapkatet Village says ‘Former governor Jackson Mandago and Current one Jonathan Bii should come and help us to disclose the person and thye should tell us when the college will be constructed,”

Ngenyilel Ward MCA Benjamin Natui said he will ensure that the farm is reverted back to public use since it’s a public utility.
“Today I have joined my people in wanting to know the person tilling the public land which was bought by the former regime led by governor Jackson Mandago. How can an unknown person tilling and harvesting maize in a public land under my leadership I will not allow it to happen,” said the Ngenyilel Ward MCA

“As their leader, I support them that the farm must be used by residents that is we have two schools Murgusi primary and secondary should be given the first priority instead of just a person using it for his or her personal use,” he added.

He said he would not allow the unknown person to till the land again.

“As your MCA I support you 100 percent that this should be the last time for the farm to be tilled, we should decide if we will give the school, or use it for the less unfortunate and if the project of building an Agricultural institute is still on should be done with immediate effect,” the MCA added.

He says he is proud of residents for ensuring that their voice is heard.

“This is not only the farm that I will fight for we also have P1 farms which we have agreed with residents to be taken back to residents. No public utility will be stolen under my watch,” he added.

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