Muslim Clergy Applaud President Ruto For Doing This

Muslim leaders in the North Rift region have applauded President William Ruto for defending the proposed 3% housing levy.

Ruto says it is a mortgage for hustlers.

“We want to thank president Ruto on his broad explanation about housing and development agenda in relation to taxing government workers to build good houses for workers ”, said the CIPK Chairman.

Speaking to the press in his office the chair of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya Abu-Bakr Bini urged all government workers to accept the 3% proposal noting that it’s just a small portion of the salary and that it will help the president to achieve the better housing agenda in his manifesto.

“Just like the fingers of our hands, all of us are not equal; therefore we have the fortunate and the less fortunate. I beg the fortuned to accept to this proposal to allow the less unfortunate to get cheap houses. This tax is just like breakfast to most government employees, “said Abu-Bakr to the media.

He has added that these houses will help the unable government workers to get cheap housing of their own which they can also use to get income.

“ By renting them out hence reducing congestion in the slummy zones and increase the development of our country on housing agenda which was in the top agendas of the ruling government,” he said.

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