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Muslim Clerics Condemn Increased Cases of Sodomy and Homosexuality in Schools

Muslim leaders from the North-Rift region have decried increased cases of sodomy and lesbianism in boarding schools.

Speaking to the press at Masjid in Eldoret they said the cases alarming.

This is in support on an earlier move by The Ministry of education officials to face out boarding schools that have become breeding places for homosexuality and lesbianism.

The Muslim cleric expressed their displeasure over a viral video that depicted some teachers forcing young boys in a school in Kisii county to engage in The unnatural act.

“We are saddened by the increased cases of lesbianism and homosexuality in our boarding schools . We are particularly concerned by the recent remarks by a renowned religious world leader whose sentiments seemed to support the unnatural behavior between people of the same sex” said Sheikh Abubakar Bini.

Sheikh Bini who is the chair of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya North Rift Region (CIPK) condemned a section of the Kenyan and international media that has been promoting and glorifying such behaviors in their way of reporting.

“We sympathize with the family of the late Edwin Chiloba whose untimely death was uncalled for, we continue to hope that justice for chiloba will be expedited, however we condemn the manner in which the media gave prominence to chiloba’s death simply by insinuating he was a defender of the rights of the LGBTQ society,lets not glorify foreign cultures and behavior that continue to corrupt the morals of our people” Said Sheikh Bini.

Imam Abdulaziz Mohammed called upon the religious leaders across the divide to openly condemn the ongoing persuasions to have African people succumb to the foreign culture that allows for the same sex relationships and marriages ,

“As a country we continue to attract the wrath of God, we have seen drought , hunger and starvation and lack of rainfall , these could be as a result of these behaviors that we are trying to normalize ,these acts are not allowed in any of the religions and they must be condemned by all”Said Imam Abdulaziz.

Asman Koskei a Muslim elder called upon the community to shun same sex relationships as they were Against the African culture and morals and has urged elders form the various communities to sensitize their people against such acts and even conduct traditional cleansing ceremonies for those willing to be cleansed of such acts

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