Muthaiga Business Woman Narrates How She Managed To Revive Her Hotel Business To Yeild Her 30k Profit Per Week

Mary Nyaga from Baraka Rescue Hotel located at Muthaiga had been having problems trying to uplift her hotel business condition. According to her, she had been running that hotel for almost 19 years after inheriting it from her Late Father Mr. Weche. She says that the first few years at the business all was going well until 9 years later where her profit graph used to decrease daily leaving her stressed about how to curb loses since that was the only place where she considered as her source of income. As a bread winner in her family, she had huge gaps to fill and responsibilities to handle since she was a single mother.
She further narrates that the main reason her baby daddy dumped her was because she would borrow money from him to stock the hotel and end up not repaying the money due to less profits. Mary says that her husband left her with three children calling her a spendthrift who knew nothing about running and handling business. Mary had to struggle on herself to keep her business up and running but upon many attempts she almost gave up. She would borrow loans from credit firms and banks but struggle to repay.
Mary would sell only 2kgs of ugali in a whole day. The profits were low and banks were threating of taking the business away from her if she didn’t repay them in time. She was so insecure of losing everything she had worked hard on until her close friend Mercy revealed a secret to her. Mercy introduced her to KAZIMOTO DOCTORS who are located in Kitengela town who had been working wonders through their powerful spells that revived business and according to testimonials Dr. KAZIMOTO was the solution to what she was enduring. She contacted Dr KAZIMOTO and after Dr. KAZIMOTO casted his Powerful Business charms and Money spells, Mary admits that her business situation has transformed to the better since customers crowd at her hotel and she records a huge profit of Kshs 30,000 what she has never recorded in her reign in hotel business.
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