My Best-Friend Slept with My Hubby While I Was in The Hospital

Two weeks ago, I called my best friend to come home to help me look after my baby as I needed to rush to the hospital. I had spent the entire night in agony as my tooth was aching and I needed it removed. I woke up early and called my bestie Joan to help look after my kid as I was away.
I was to spend around three hours in the hospital and we agreed I would return home before noon so that I could release her to go to work. I felt lucky that I had a best friend whom I could rely on.
My husband was asleep by the time I left home from the hospital as he was on off that day. However, while I was in the hospital, something weird happened. My neighbor called me and told me that she was hearing some loud sexual moans coming from my house.
“Mariam I am calling you because I am here outside the house doing laundry and I can hear your husband fucking your best friend. I do not understand what is going on as I know you are in the hospital,” my neighbor told me.
She even recorded a video for me in which I heard my husband groaning as he had sex with my best friend. I could not believe it. My neighbor called me again and asked me to immediately call Doctor Kazimoto so that I could manage to teach my husband and best friend a lesson.
I hopped on a taxi to go home and this is when I quickly called Doctor Kazimoto. I asked for his help as I did not know what do while my husband and best friend made love on the matrimonial bed.
“Do not worry. I will help you by casting a getting stuck spell so that they get glued at their privates as they have sex. Do not worry,” Doctor Kazimoto told me. By the time I was arriving home, I found a crowd milled around my home.
Doctor Kazimoto’s spell had worked and my husband and best friend were glued at their privates. The crowd beat them up and asked them to quit their disgusting behavior.
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