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My Boss Demanded I Sleep with Him for 2 Weeks if I Wanted to Get Promoted

After staying in a marketing firm for three years, I started feeling as if I was not making any progress in my career. I had a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of marketing and I knew that I was an asset in any company that I ended up working at. And so I decided to approach my boss and ask for a chance to be promoted.
It was hopeful for a positive response from him as I had been one of the best-performing employees since joining the firm. However, things did not go as I expected. My boss took advantage of my desire for a promotion and he started asking for sexual favours.

“You know of you want a promotion, you should earn it! You earn it my sleeping with me for two weeks,” he told me adding that many women in the office had slept with him so that they could receive a promotion.

I was offended by his request and I thus went to the Human Resource Manager to report by boss hoping that I would get the justice that I deserved as his requests were tantamount to sexual harassment. Unfortunately, the HR manager instead fired me as she was afraid that if she took action, she would be fired.

I was thus left with no job and I thus spiraled into a horrible depression as I was supporting my family with my earnings from the job. I even tried seeking justice from the department of labour but my boss paid all the officials to drop my case.

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I thus contacted the doctor and I narrated to him the troubles that had befallen me. He instantly cast the revenge spell to teach my boss a lesson for what he had done to me. The spell worked greatly because it made my boss sick. He got wounds all around his body.
He confessed to the management of the company that he sexually harassed me and he also resigned. I was recalled back to the job and paid a huge sum of money for unfair dismissal. I was also made the new boss with a six-figure salary.
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