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My boss fired me after I refused to sleep with him; I don’t know what to do

My name is Maria and I have been jobless for the past three months. I was fired from my job which was earning me six figures after my new boss started making love advances on me. He would time when no one was in the office and he would come and start flirting with me by telling that he was dreaming with me every night.

On the day I was fired, things got out of hand as he called me to his office and started touching me and lifting my skirt.

“Today, I want you. I want to sleep with you right here in my office,” he said while smiling sheepishly. I was so shocked.

I firmly told him I had a boyfriend and I would not sleep with him because he is my boss. The next thing that followed shocked me. He was so furious that he started insulting me and saying that he would fire me.

True to his word, the next day, I was told not to report to work. I was told I had been fired and my things were sent over to my house. I could not believe it. I tried calling a lawyer asking for help but he told me that if I did not have proof, I would not win the case.

After months of being unemployed, I decided to tell my mother the truth that I had no job because she relied on me. I told her I had been fired because I refused to sleep with the boss himself. My mum was so furious and he told me he knew someone who could help me.

“His name is doctor Kazimoto. He handles these kinds of problems.” I called the doctor and soon enough he picked and I told him about my boss. He cast a revenge spell to teach my ill-mannered boss a lesson.

My boss started feeling sick, getting wounds on his entire body including his privates and this is when he called me and told me he was sorry for the way he treated me. He quit his job, and I was recalled and I am now the new boss.

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