My Drunkard Dad Beats My Mom Everyday Leaving Her With Severe Injuries.. I Used This Simple Method

Since I was young, I and my siblings have been living a life full of worries as we were scared that one day our dad would kill our mother due to the blows he used to give her. He would come back home drunk and when questioned on his drinking habits it would create chaos and the two of them would rumble immediately and attack each another mercilessly. Our grandparents and uncles had tried to intervene and get them into change but it would take exactly less than three days for them to start chasing each other with knives and pangas.

We grew up in that environment and I would witness my mom shedding tears every morning stressed about how I and my other four siblings would eat throughout the day. My dad was an image of man since he never provided for our meals but did once in a blue. My mom would go and do casual labors and come home with some foodstuffs that my dad would pick secretly and exchange with alcohol called “changaa” at “Mama Pima’s” local pub. This would lead to my mother asking only for her to receive kicks and slaps and even get thrown out of the house as our dad would brag saying that “Mimi ndokusemahapa”

It’s been over 20 years now and I and my siblings are grown already and I moved to the city to look for suitable opportunities to enhance my style of living. Two days can’t pass without my young brother Kamwana calling me saying that mum and dad are fighting. A council of elders have summoned them and are tired of talking to grown adults like them. The last time they fought, my dad hit my mother on his right limb with a panga and left huge scars bleeding and she had to be rushed to the hospital. I was so angry and upon sharing it with my girlfriend, sheintroduced me to Dr. KAZIMOTO a traditional herbalist from Kitengela town who had all the recipes to repair broken bonds and instill peace and love through his Powerful Love charms .After Dr. KAZIMOTO performed a Powerful Cleansing Ritual to my dad it’s been two years since I last got a report that they are fighting. Thanks to Dr. KAZIMOTO my dad has now changed to the better to become a sensible person in the society.

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