My Ex-Boyfriend Leaked My Nude Photos and Videos after Breaking-Up with Me, Humiliated Me Before Everyone

My name is Anita and last year, my nude photos and videos went viral on social after my boyfriend who broke-up with me leaked them. I became the talk of netizens, blogs and news as everyone saw my nakedness.

I could not understand why my boyfriend who initiated our break-up decided to humiliated me yet he was the one who wanted to end our relationship and so I did not hurt his feelings. It is after a while I discovered that he went back to his ex-girlfriend and they were planning my downfall together.

“I will not stop leaking your photos or videos. I will make sure that you fail miserable and get humiliated,” he told me when I called him to ask him to stop leaking my nudes.

He continued leaking even our raunchy conversations and this did not hurt him at all. My family was very disturbed seeing my naked photos on social media. They lost all the respect they had for me and even started distancing themselves from me because the things they were seeing online were all embarrassing.
I tried reporting my boyfriend to the police for revenge porn but they thought he did not do anything wrong. I then heard about Doctor Kazimoto who can help get back at people who want to hurt you.

I called him on +254741930918 and narrated to him what was happening. He advised me to visit him at his workplace and when I went, he cast a revenge spell to teach my boyfriend and his girlfriend a lesson for what they had done to me.

Once the spell was cast, they both started very huge wounds on their bodies and mysterious voices telling them to leave me alone. My boyfriend was so scared of what he had done to me and he thus asked me for forgiveness.
He sent me KSh 300,000 for all the harm he had to me and also deleted all the videos on social media and put up an apology. Doctor Kazimoto helped me regain my dignity and I am grateful to him for that.
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