My Ex-Boyfriend Wants Me Back But Horrified Of Being Hurt Again, What Can I Do? A Man Cries For Help

Lewis, my ex-boyfriend called me after giving me a break up asking me to get back to him as his girlfriend but I was scared for he might still hurt and dump me again. He was a lovely man who I had fallen for him and was ready to get married to him but all of a sudden he dumped me just over suspicious reasons.

The reason why he dumped me was that he had a lot of baggage and trust issues against me that made us separate from our commitment last time. Am BrillianOmonya from Kitale, we dated for three years before he started being suspicious to me leading to our break up. By then, he was 31 years old and I was 26 years old.
Throughout our relationship, he accused me of cheating or I was planning to cheat on him when I was totally innocent and I only had him as the lover of my life. Then, when I finally thought that he had begun to trust me, he had a major panic and vowed to step down telling me that he thought our time for being lovers had come to an end.

I felt heartbroken since he had never found me with another man as an evidence to show that I had been cheating him with other men. I was much depressed because I had fallen for him and I was unable to commit myself and move into another love relationship. My health status started deteriorating due to depression. I decided to ask for advice so that I can find a way of doing away with that by making sure he gets back to me.

Fortunately, I was advised by a friend to seek help from a native doctor called DrKazimoto and gave me his number. I took a risk and contacted Dr.Kazimoto who carried out his love spells unto me and worked instantly. A day later Lewis called me asking for forgiveness and confessed that he regrets for he made a huge mistake and he is ready to continue loving him. I gave him a second chance and we became true lovers until we got married. Thanks Dr.Kazimoto for bringing him back for me.

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