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My Father Seduced My Wife While I Was on a Work-Trip, Fucked Her on His Matrimonial Bed

Two weeks ago, I thought it was a good idea to take my wife to the village to stay with my father and mother as I was travelling to the North-Eastern part of Kenya for a work-trip. I knew my wife and two kids needed to be taken care of and the best thing to do was to leave them in the hands of my parents in the village.

When I called my parents asking them to take care of my family, they thought it was a good idea and they immediately welcomed it. And so one day before my travel, I took my wife and kids to the village in Machakos and my father assured me that he would take care of them while I was away.

After I arrived in Garissa for my trip, I called back home to find out how everyone was doing and my mother told me not to worry as my wife was in great hands. Two days went by while I was in my trip when my mother called me to give me very disturbing news.

“Son, I think your father is sleeping with your wife. Last night he sneaked out of our bedroom and went to her bedroom. I woke up and heard sexual moans,” my mother told me.

I was very bothered. She told me she was not sure but she was just suspecting. The following day, she called me, telling me that she was now sure that my dad was seducing my wife and sleeping with her
“After he woke up in the middle of the night, I followed him and saw him walking into your wife’s bedroom. They enjoyed sex until 5am when he came back to our room,” she said.

Tears flowed down my face as she told me the sad news and I was in so much pain. I did not know what to do. My mother told me she knew how we could deal with both of them by teaching them a lesson for their disgusting behavior.
“I will renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimoto who can help us with a spell that will make them get stuck,” my mother told me. She called the doctor that day and he cast the getting stuck spell.
That night, when my father sneaked out of his bedroom to go sleep with my wife, he was unaware of the trap that lay before him. As soon as they started having sex, the got stuck together in their privates and they started screaming in disbelief.
When neighbors heard the screams they went to our home and when they found my dad on top of my wife, they were utterly disgusted and they gave him a beating, telling him to respect my marriage.
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