“My fiancée and my brother are doing it, am so confused Karatina man laments as love triangle grows stronger

I’m Desmond, a resident of Karatina. I have been dating Veronica for like three years now. As a matter of fact, I was considering proposing. She is gorgeous, funny and the perfect complexion of her skin makes me tremble every time I see her. In her case, beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder but in everyone’s eyes. She is just stunning. That is why I was so devastated when I learnt that my older brother took advantage of my absence last week and invited her to his bedroom. I had gone to purchase groceries for lunch when I came back in time to catch them running down the stairs, my brothers flyer open and sweating.

“I’m sorry but am not sorry for not being sorry. You have always had suspicions that your rich older brother was into me. Yet, you left us alone in here. He asked nicely and I said yes. Go to the Supreme Court if you like, this is entirely your fault” she said. The audacity to refuse to apologize when clearly, my heart is broken. Being a domestic dispute, my brother left, knowing that his presence will make things worse. Veronica on the other hand, stuck to her guns, saying I have an obligation to protect her. A goat under the protection of a lion will eventually end up as supper. She was adamant I left her exposed to my brothers irresistible charms.

She did apologize eventually, but it seemed an apology born of solitude and lack of warmth. When I confided with my friend Ivy, she suggested I do something extra to guarantee her faithfulness. After all, what if my brother shows up again?? I agreed. The name KAZIMOTO DOCTORS came up. They are very powerful traditional herbalists known for performing successful spells that foster faithfulness and tighten love. I called them immediately. As expected, he is always ready and available. He did what he does best and gave advise where advise is needed.

It’s been a year now, my Veronica is faithful and loving. She is also expectant, so I intend to fasten our wedding preparations. KAZIMOTO DOCTORS have solidified things for us, will do the same for you if you let them.

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