My Girlfriend Dumped Me after I Took a Loan to Pay Her University School Fees

My name is Maina and three years ago, I went to the village to visit my mother during my annual leave from work. I was excited to go see her as it had been a long time before we had seen each other. I was to spend a few days with her before returning to Nairobi to just chill and enjoy my leave.
In my second day of being in the village, my mum asked me to go pick some goods from our neighbor. When I arrived at the neighbour’s house, I did not find the woman of the house but I instead found the family’s eldest daughter. The last time I saw her was when she was a baby and so I was surprised that she had even finished high school.
“Yes I finished secondary school last year but my parents do not have the money to take me to college so I am just here at home not knowing what to do with my life,” she told me. She looked very beautiful and I was instantly smitten by her looks.
I asked her to return to Nairobi with me and she actually accepted. She came to live in my house and in no time, we were already in love and it is out of the affection that I felt for her that I decided to educate her.
I thus took a KSh 500,000 loan and took her to the university of Nairobi. However, after finishing her course in marketing last year, the lady started changing. She stopped coming home, and also stopped the kind and submissive woman she was.
A few weeks after her graduation, she packed her bags and left our house. She went and got married to one of the guys she was studying with in campus. I was so hurt by her actions as I had undergone so much trouble and sacrifice to see her through school.
I had to revenge and bring her back to her senses and this is why I contacted renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimoto who helped me by using his amazing spell. The spell made my girlfriend to start feeling sick and she had to come back to me as it also made her regret leaving me.
Thanks to Doctor Kazimoto, she is now back to my house and I feel so happy as she has promised never to leave. I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.
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