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My Grandmother’s Ghost Had Been Tormenting My Son For Years. This Is What I Did To Stop It

My name is Barbra from Migori, sometime back in 2017 I lost my grandmother to the deadly disease, cancer that she had been struggling with for five years. Her death left the family with a lot of distress and devastation since it was unexpected. We mourned our grandmother for months prompting a good number of our family members to fall into depression.

The depression and the distress my family had ended once I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in 2018. They celebrated the birth of my son and eventually stopped mourning the loss of our grandmother. With the love and care around my boy, he turned out to be a happy and healthy child.

However at the age of four years my son started complaining of having scary dreams which involved an old lady trying to lure him to his death. The scary dreams was repetitive. He eventually became frighten to a point that he even refused to sleep on his own.

My son’s dreams was getting worse each day. I knew I had to find a way to put an end to it. So I reached out to a traditional herbalist known as Kazimoto Doctors to save my son’s sanity.

The herbalist being an expert at what he does easily helped my son. He casted a spell in the name of him and revealed that my deceased grandmother’s spirit was responsible for tormenting him. With the cause of my son’s torment known, he performed another powerful spell to stop it.

A few days after the intervention, my son’s torments came to an end. The family was happy that my son had once again regained his sanity once more. He has ever since been sleeping peacefully thanks to Kazimoto Doctors.
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