My husband changed, became a promiscuous man who slept with everyone in the village

My husband of 10 years was nicknamed “Father Abraham” in our village because he became such a promiscuous man who could not let any woman pass without him seducing her. This horrible behavior made me the village’s laughing stock as people gossiped about me and said my husband did not respect me.

They were not mistaken about that because truthfully, my husband was barely being faithful. Each time he slept with another woman, I would scold him and he would promise that he would stop cheating.

“Please forgive me! I do not know what is happening to me. I promised I will not cheat again,” he would tell me.
I hesitated to leave him because we had four young children together and I was always so hopeful he would change and join me in building our family. However, this got worse.

People would gossip and others even show me photos and video of how he was seen with several women, kissing others and taking others to lodgings. I was fed up because even the marriage counselling and prayers we had attended for him to change were not taking effect. This is when got a brilliant idea.
It actually came for a neighbor who gave me a phone number +254741930918 and told me to call the number as it belonged to Doctor Kazimoto.
“The doctor’s spells can make your cheating husband lose interest in other women and only love and want you,” she told me.
I thus called the number and the doctor confirmed to me that he could change my husband using a love spell. The spell worked amazingly because it took away all the lust that my husband had for other women. He is now the most faithful husband.
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