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My Husband Chose His Side Chick Over Me, Chased Me out of Our House to Marry Her

“Ouch! You are so sexy, let me fuck you even harder.” These are the words that I heard when I came home from work a few weeks ago and I found my husband of 12 years fucking his side chick on our matrimonial bed. On that day, I came home earlier than expected as I had gotten severe menstrual cramps and I needed to go home and relax.

I left work at 11am and when I arrived in the house, I surprisingly saw my husband’s car in the parking. This shocked me because he had left for work earlier that morning and did not tellme that he had returned home. I was, however, happy that he was home because I knew he would spend the day with me as I was unwell.

However, as I parked my car, I heard some sexual noises coming from the house. At first, I thought I was hallucinating because I was feeling unwell but the noises were louder and louder as I got near the house.
“Ni fuck harakakablabibiyakoakujejioni,” I heard a woman telling my husband as they fucked in the bedroom. I felt my anger surging and I angrily went to the bedroom to confront them. I found them right in the act and instead of even apologizing, my husband started beating me.

He chased me out of the house and said he would be with his side chick as his wife instead of me. This broke my heart and I called my parents to tell them what had happened. My parents told me to deal with them by contacting renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimotoon +254741930918 to teach my husband and his side chick a lesson.
I was extremely grateful to them for linking me up with Doctor Kazimoto as soon as I called him, he swang into action and cast for me the spell that made my husband regret cheating on me. This is because in the next few hours, the spell took action and my husband started growing a big manhood that was painful.

His mistress also suffered and they had to come looking for me to apologise.

“Forgive me my darling. I will always love you and will never cheat,” my husband promised.
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