‘’My husband impregnated our daughter’’ Nairobi woman says

I started noticing my daughter Dorine with symptoms of pregnancy like: voting every early in the morning, nausea, weight gain among other symptoms. I asked her whether she was pregnant or not and she declined on the spot but I had already known she was pregnant. I insisted to her to tell me the truth but she never accepted, I had to use force by threatening to beat her up and that’s when she opened up for me. She said, “yes mum am pregnant and the person responsible for it is my dad.”

I was shocked when I heard about that heartbreaking news not knowing what action to take next. My daughter who had just finished her form four studies who was yet to join the university just used to stay indoors until her father became sexually attracted to her. “One day daddy came and whispered to me that he loves me not as her daughter but because how beautiful I was and he wanted to be in love with me. I disregarded his sentiments but insisted to have me. He called me to his bedroom and locked it immediately I entered in and that’s when he forcefully achieved mission of having intimacy with me.”

I felt like my days in the world has to come to an end and I wished to commit suicide. I wanted to ask my husband but I was too harsh and suspected he could even kill me. I decided to be silent. I’m not sure how many times they did it but it’s several times. When I complained about the issue to one of my friends, she advised me to seek further assistance from DrKazimoto a traditional herbalist from Kitengela Town.

I contacted DrKazimoto and requested me to travel to Kitengela together with my daughter, on arrival I had to explain all the that had happened to DrKazimoto who then prescribed some traditional herbs and performed his powerful cleansing rituals to my daughter that worked successfully and they remained in a father daughter relationship.

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