My Husband of 20 Years Packed His Clothes, Dumped Me and Our Kids to Go Marry a Younger Woman: “She’s Sexier than you

My name is Loise and I had given birth to four children by the time I was 45years old. My husband and I had been married for 20 years and to me, I thought we were doing okay and our marriage was thriving.However, my husband was not quite happy with our union because as I turned 46 years old last year, he started making some horrible comments about my body which insinuated that he did not love me anymore.

He said I was not attractive anymore as I used to be and that I should get a surgery to bring me back in shape. Yes, I had kind of out grown bigger and out of proportion after the birth of my babies. My boobs had become saggy, my stomach big and also age had caught up with me.

He made this comments almost on a daily basis and I started fearing that he would soon dump me. My worst fear became true after hubby a few weeks came came to our home and told me he had decided to dump me for another younger woman who had met in a work event.

I was stubborn and said I would not live the house and seeing that I would not give him an easy divorce, he said he would go to stay with the woman in our other residence.

“I am leaving you because you have become a shapeless woman and I am not even proud of calling you my wife. I will go to live with my other hot wife in our other house,” he told me as tears rolled down my face.
Seeing him pack his clothes made me realize that I did not want him to leave. I went to my knees and begged him to stay but he refused. Though I felt defeated after he left, I felt like I wanted to fight for marriage because my husband and I had gone through a lot together.

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That evening, my husband dumped his young wife and came back to live with me. He also chased her away.
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