My Husband stole our 5-year savings worth KSh 1 million and Went to Marry His Side Chick

My name is Mukami and I have been in too much stress since January 2021 when my husband decided to dump me for his side chick. We had been married for 12 years and had three children when he woke up and decided he did not want anything to do with me.

I was ready to move on and build a life for my children but it was until I realized that he also stolen our savings that I thought I would lose my mind. We jointly had KSh1 million saved in our account and he managed to forge my signature and withdraw the cash. He used the money to marry his side chick a lavish wedding.

We had saved the money to educate our children and give them the best life possible but he sabotaged that for the sake of his mistress who had brainwashed him to steal the money from us. I tried reporting the matter to the police but they were not willing to help.

“Hiini mambo yakinyumbaninahatuweziingilia. Nendautafute bwana yakomuongeevizuri,” the police officers told me.
I could not get through my husband as he had blocked me on all platforms and I did not know what to do. I struggled so much and got into debt as I had been left penniless by my selfish my husband.

When I shared with my sister the troubles that I was going through, she advised me seek the help of Doctor Kazimoto who could help me recover the money and also restore the marriage by breaking him up with his side chick.
I called the doctor on +254741930918 and told him what had happened to my marriage and what my husband had done. I was excited because he promised to use his spell-casting powers to bring back my husband and ensure that all the money was returned.
“I will help you! Do not worry!” Doctor Kazimoto assured me. True to his words, my husband called me the next day and he started crying on the phone saying he was sorry for what he had done to me. He promised to return home and restore every coin he had stolen.

He returned home a few hours later after dumping his mistress and he begged for forgiveness. Since then, he has been giving me his entire salary to manage and he has also restored our savings.
Doctor Kazimoto has received recognition for dealing with issues of theft, love, broken marriage, spirits, businesses and also healing of diseases. You can contact him on +254741930918 and all your problems will be solved.

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