My Husband Stopped Loving Me after 20 years of Marriage, This is Why

After 20 years of marriage, my husband came home one evening and said he did not want anything to do with me as I had grown old and was not attractive to him anymore. I had borne him five children in the course of our marriage, sacrificed my career, time and life to him but this was how he had chosen to thank me.

“I just do not love you anymore Mary. You have grown so old and you cannot even turn me on in bed. I want us to have a divorce,” he told me.

I was so shocked and heartbroken to the point where I could not hold my tears as he said those hurtful words to me. How could he do that me as if I did not matter. It hurt me to the very core. The following evening, he came home with a young university girl whom he told me was now my co-wife.

“I told you to leave this house and accept the divorce but you refused. You will therefore have to live with my new wife who is more attractive than you,” he told me.

My husband’s new wife was always vindictive towards me and would beat me up and insult me all day long. One night, coming home from work, I was saddened after I found that the young co-wife had thrown away my stuff. She also closed the door for me and my children such that we could not access it.

I had had enough of her. I decided I would deal with her and ensure that my husband would never want her again. I thus decided to call traditional doctor DoctorKazimoto who came to my aid after I narrated all that I had gone through in my marriage.

Doctor Kazimoto cast a spell that made my husband fall in love with me anew and made him despite the university girl that he had brought to our house. That was how I saved my marriage as a day later after the spell, my husband chased her away and came looking for me.

He promised to love me forever and to always be with me. I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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