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My Husband Wants to Divorce Me, Marry a University Student Interning at His Office: Please Help!

My name is Evelyn and I was married to my husband for five years when we started experiencing serious marital problems that almost saw us get divorced. My hubby became very distant and cold towards me for reasons I did not know and would snap and threaten to divorce me at the slightest provocation.

He was always fighting, yelling at me, hurling insults among others and the children even became scared of him. This behavior literally started affecting our two-year-old daughter who was getting scared when my husband and I fought in the house.

My husband did not seem to care; he would yell at me to the extent that our neighbours started being concerned. His goal was to provoke me so that I would eventually end up divorcing and he would end up marrying a woman from his office who he was attracted to.

Some of my friends told me to leave him since he was going to eventually beat me really bad and even kill me going by the temper he was exuding. But, I knew my husband, I knew he was not a violent as he had been the kindest man I have ever been with.

I tried talking to him asking why he had suddenly turned into an irritable person but instead of calmly responding to me he started shouting to me again.

“Don’t try to talk to me. I have a woman in my office who is more good-looking than you and if you continue annoying me, I will bring her here as my second-wife” my husband told me.

I was not understanding where this was coming from. I had been a good wife and had respect him all through our marriage. Why would he want to bring a new wife? I thought to myself. I called my parents back at home and cried to them telling them how my marriage was falling apart.

My mother told me my husband was probably falling out of love with me and I thus needed to get a love potion from Doctor Kazimoto, a traditional doctor who specializes in saving marriages at the brink of falling apart.
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“I know I have been mean towards you please forgive me. I will love you forever,” he told me.I would advise anyone with a similar problem to seek help from KAZIMOTO DOCTORS.

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