My husband was ready to kill us all” Woman shares how her husband dared to kill them as a result of job depressions and stress

A lot of people especially in marriages in today’s society do have a lot of challenges ranging from loss of jobs, depressions and other marriage wrangles.

To Michael 34, things had just been going well in her marriage but it reached at some point when he lost his job and things turned wild in their marriage. His relationship with his wife since changed as he had a lot of depressions on how he would cater for his family.

Due to so much stress, he since then developed the habit of staying alone in their house. He would even go the extent of talking to himself. He never shared what he was going through with his wife as he was a silent person. His wife thought that he was at his job as always but in real sense he had been sacked a long time ago.

” My husband spent most of his time taking alcohol as he said it was the only way he would reduce the stress and depressions had. He even went to the point of having some bad relationships with our children,” his wife said.

One day they were forced to sleep outside their house after things went amiss. Her husband dared to kill them all. He took a machete and a house axe, ready to kill them all but they luckily escaped.

Despite all this escapades, she still loved and adored her husband as she said. She had to come up with a way she would ensure that he had a normal life just like before. That as when she was told about this man Dr Mugwenu a herbalist. She was given this contacts +254740673248 and assured that this man Dr Mugwenu would easily solve her husband’s job loss problems.

She met Dr Mugwenu at his offices and job spells were casted to her husband as this was the main reason her husband behaved so weird. She was also assured that her testimony would not spread on news websites and feeds. After some few days, her husband was recalled back to his job. Since then he was never a depressed and stressed person like before. She thanked Dr Mugwenu for changing her marriage life by helping her husband get back his job.

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