My Husband’s MpangoWaKando Put Him in a ‘Genie Bottle’ So That He Could Dump Me and Marry Her

Do you know marriage can fail because your husband’s side chick has quite literally put him in a bottle to control him?My name is Margaret and this was what happened to me and my marriage. My husband had a one-night stand with this one woman sometime last year and though after I found out I forgave him;it did not change anything.

This is because my husband started acting weird all of a sudden. He started being distant with me, avoiding sexual relations with me and constantly talking about divorce. His sudden change of behavior was baffling to me as when he cheated during the one-night stand, he was very remorseful and just wanted me to forgive him.
However, a few days later is when he started acting as if he was another person. I tried getting our parents to talk to him and even our pastor but he maintained that he wanted to divorce me so that he could go and be with the woman whom he slept with.

“I know you forgave me but I have just been having this feeling that I cannot be with you anymore! Please let’s divorce,” he insisted.

My mother called me that evening and said there was more than what met the eye in regards to my husband’s behavior. She advised to seek the help of renowned traditional herbalist Doctor Kazimoto who would help me save my marriage.

She sent me his number which was +254741930918 and when I called the daktari, he agreed to meet me the day that followed. Upon going to see Doctor Kazimoto, he gave the sad news that my husband’s mpangowakando had put him in a bottle after visiting a witch so that she could control him.

Lucky for me, Doctor Kazimoto’s spells helped me get my husband out of the bottle and since then, my husband has never talked to that woman as he despised her after learning what happened. I now have my husband marriage back and I have doctor Kazimoto to thank for that.

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